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Visium from 10x Genomics is a spatial discovery platform that allows whole transcriptome profiling of fresh and formalin fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. FFPE preservation, which can significantly damage RNA, makes transcriptomic investigations challenging. Visiium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE overcomes this limitation by spatially profiling the whole transcriptome of entire human FFPE tissue sections with high resolution and sensitivity. In addition to H&E, Visium for FFPE is compatible with IF, allowing protein co-detection.


The Visium Spatial Gene Expression is a technique used in genomics research to study gene expression patterns in the context of spatial information within tissues. The process involves capturing the spatial arrangement of RNA molecules in the tissue using a slide-based platform. Tissue sections are first attached to a slide and then treated to preserve the RNA molecules in their original locations. Next, barcoded oligonucleotides are added to the tissue sections, which bind to the RNA molecules and allow for their identification during sequencing. After the tissue sections are prepared, the RNA molecules are sequenced, and the resulting data is analyzed to determine the gene expression levels and their spatial distribution within the tissue. This information can provide insights into various biological processes, such as tissue development, cellular interactions, and disease pathology.


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Turnaround time: Varies (~ 6-12 weeks); contact us for more details


Sample Type Accepted:

  • Fresh frozen
  • FFPE tissue
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