OncoStrands® Tissue

Test Description

OncoStrands® is an advanced genomic profiling assay that analyses and characterises cancer cells in tumour samples by examining genetic mutations or alterations associated with cancer through Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and data is further analysed through curated bioinformatics analysis. 


The assay provides an extensive and unique combination of panels that screens for different types of genomic alterations and signatures, such as:

  • Single Nucleotide Variations (SNVs);
  • Copy Number Variations (CNVs); 
  • Splice Variants;
  • Fusions in multiple genes;
  • Tumour Mutational Burden (TMB);
  • Microsatellite Instability (MSI) and;
  • Homologous Recombination Deficiency (HRD).


Panels available:

  • Essential Combined - 50 DNA & RNA Fusion genes
  • Essential DNA - 45 DNA genes
  • Esstential RNA - 18 RNA Fusion genes
  • DNA68 (or + Essential RNA) - 68 DNA genes (+ 18 RNA Fusion genes)
  • Etxtended (or + Essential RNA) - 109 DNA genes (+ 18 RNA Fusion genes)
  • Comprehensive - 523 DNA & Fusion genes
  • Comprehensive + HRD* - 523 DNA & Fusion genes with HRD (GIS scoring)
  • Comprehensive Fusion - 501 RNA Fusion genes
  • HRD* - BRCA1 & BRCA2 


* HRD is reported in GIS and tBRCA1/2 status, based on Myriad Genetics' proprietary alogorithm and is available for Ovarian cancer ONLY.


Why is it important?

  1. Personalised Treatment: It provides detailed information about the genetic alterations present in a person's tumour. This information can help identify specific mutations or genetic signatures that may guide treatment decisions. It allows for the selection of targeted therapies that are most likely to be effective against the specific genetic profile of the tumour, leading to more personalised and effective treatment strategies.
  2. Prognostic and Predictive Value: It can provide important prognostic information by identifying genetic markers associated with the tumour's aggressiveness or the likelihood of disease progression. It can also help predict responses to certain treatments, identifying patients more likely to benefit from a particular therapy or those who may experience adverse effects.
  3. Early Detection and Risk Assessment: It helps identify genetic predispositions or markers associated with an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer. This information can be helpful in early detection and risk assessment, allowing for enhanced surveillance and preventive measures.
  4. Clinical Trial Eligibility: It helps identify patients who may be eligible for specific clinical trials targeting specific genetic alterations or mutations. It further expands patient treatment options and provides access to novel therapies and experimental treatments that may not be available through standard treatment approaches.
  5. Research and Advancements: The data collected from genomic profiling tests contribute to ongoing research efforts and the advancement of our understanding of cancer biology. This knowledge can lead to developing new treatment strategies, improved diagnostics, and identifying potential therapeutic targets.


The results of OncoStrands® are to be used with other diagnostic tools, such as imaging studies, biopsies, and medical history, to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a personalised treatment plan.



Ordering Information

Test Codes: 

  • ONC (Essential Combined) / OND (Essential DNA) / ONR (Esstential RNA)
  • ONA (DNA68) / ONS (DNA68 + Essential RNA)
  • ONT (Extended) / ONF (Extended + Essential RNA)
  • ONM (Comprehensive)
  • OCH (Comprehensive + HRD*)
  • ORN (Comprehensive Fusion)
  • ORD (HRD Only)

* HRD is reported in GIS and tBRCA1/2 status, based on Myriad Genetics' proprietary alogorithm and is available for Ovarian cancer ONLY.


Turnaround Time: 7 - 10 working days (Essential and Extended panels) & 12 - 15 working days (Comprehensive, Comprehensive Fusion & HRD), upon sample receipt


Accepted Specimens:

  • FFPE Tissue/Cell blocks 
  • FFPE Slides


Collection Kit:



Refer to Specimen Requirements for more information.



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