Test Description

NanoString's GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) is a technology that enables comprehensive spatial and molecular analysis of RNA and protein in tissue samples on glass slides. Tissue slides are stained with large panels of premixed biological probes, each containing a unique UV-cleavable DNA barcode; and fluorescently labelled morphological markers for visual or computerised explanation of tissue morphology. Using the morphology markers, then ROIs are selected and illuminated with UV light. The cleaved barcodes from these ROIs are then counted using the NGS platform.


How does GeoMx works?

The GeoMx platform allows for the profiling of gene expression in situ, meaning that gene expression can be analyzed directly within intact tissue sections. This is achieved by combining traditional histology techniques with high-throughput molecular profiling. The platform uses a spatially resolved assay to capture and quantify RNA transcripts from individual cells in a tissue section.


With GeoMx, researchers can gain insights into the spatial distribution of gene expression patterns, cellular heterogeneity, and interactions within tissues. The platform provides a valuable tool for studying complex biological processes, such as development, disease progression, and response to therapy. By integrating spatial transcriptomics with traditional histology, researchers can identify the specific cell types and regions within a tissue that are associated with particular gene expression patterns. This information can lead to a deeper understanding of cellular interactions, tissue organization, and the underlying mechanisms driving disease or normal physiological processes.


GeoMx has applications in various fields, including cancer research, neuroscience, immunology, and developmental biology. It offers researchers a powerful tool to investigate the spatial organization of gene expression within tissues, advancing our understanding of complex biological systems.



Ordering Information

Turnaround time: Varies (~ 6-12 weeks); contact us for more details


Sample Requirement:


  • Unstained FFPE sections mounted on charged slide (Matsunami PLATINUM PRO slides preferred. Fisherbrand™ Superfrost™ Plus/Leica BOND Plus slides can be used);
  • Fresh frozen sections do not give optimal results, but can be performed;
  • Thickness of section at 5 μm;
  • Dimension of the mounted section as shown in green. Section outside of green shaded area is not scanned.


Slide Dimension:



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