We distribute our tests through various clinics and testing laboratories within the region.

Contact your nearest clinics or testing laboratory for more information on how to order through them

General steps in order that consists of the relevant information required for each step


Browse Test Services

Look through our service catalogue and choose a test of interest


Request Test Kits

Contact us or your local distributors to order the test kits


Collect Sample

Collect required amount of samples based on test-specific specimen requirements


Ship Sample/ Arrange for pick up

Send sample to us either through our prepaid shipping flyer or your distributors in your area


Complete Testing

Our laboratory runs the ordered tests and completes testing


Receive Results

We generate the test results and send reports through your preferred receiving means

Note for patients:

  • All genetic tests need to be prescribed by a certified healthcare provider. We are unable to offer genetic testing directly to patients at this point in time without a doctor's referral and prescription. If you want to get tested, contact your healthcare provider for more information. Alternatively, contact us for a list of clinics currently offering our genetic test within the premises.

We are here to help.

Contact us should you need any other further assistance on processing with an order.