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Headquartered in Singapore, we are part of Pathology Asia Holdings (PAH), which focuses on genomics and precision medicine test services. We believe everyone deserves access to better healthcare through the advancement of genomics. Our highly trained and dedicated team of experts are committed to providing more accurate, safer and reliable actionable genomics test services that allow clinicians to deliver more personalised, patient-centric recommendations based on individual genetic profiles.

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Knowledge is power. We endeavour to keep ourselves abreast of the latest technologies and databases to identify and curate the most actionable results.


Lives can be transformed through the knowledge of genomics. We enable more informed decisions between clinicians and patients by providing safer, ethical and more accurate testing with more accessibility.


Gone were the days of a one-size-fits-all approach. We employ advanced genomics technologies and unique strategies to curate every clinical report based on the idea that each individual is unique.

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